Society for Low Carbon Technologies Strengthens Global Ties with Strategic Partnership and Expands Advisory Board in Pakistan

In Lahore, Pakistan, the Society for Low Carbon Technologies (SFLCT) expanded its presence in South Asia, particularly with the signing of a first-of-its-kind agreement in the nation with the World Times International, part of the World Times Institute, which is Pakistan’s premier Civil Services Exam preparation center.

The agreement signed in January is officially known as “Pakistan’s Low Carbon Strategic Agreement to Advance Collaboration Between Developed and Developing Nations.” The foregoing was executed in Lahore by Fernando C. Hernandez, the SFLCT’s Chairman of the Board, and Adeel Niaz, who is the World Time Institute’s Director and a partner in World Times Institute.

Hernandez comments, “We are thrilled about the global opportunities this Pakistani agreement represents, which builds on our global presence in Brazil, Scotland, and the U.S. This watershed agreement furthers our position to deliver on a global and low carbon future.”

The partnership with World Times International underscores SFLCT’s dedication to knowledge dissemination and education in sustainable energy and low carbon practices. This collaboration will see SFLCT offering scholarships and educational resources such as certified learning modules, which align with the organization’s mission to promote a balanced and responsible use of various energy forms through the innovative energy basket notion.

Osama Rizvi, the SFLCT’s South Asia Chair, will monitor the agreement’s implementation while also operating a local section in Lahore, where he is currently stationed. During Hernandez’s landmark visit, he also organized a mixer event in Lahore that included Rizvi and Dr. Jeanette Forbes,  a recent and critical addition to the SFLCT’s industry advisory board. The mixer was a global affair, as Dr. Forbes traveled from Scotland and Hernandez came from the U.S. Notably, London’s Buckingham Palace honorably recognizes Dr. Forbes’ impact in the U.K., and she not only brings a global perspective but also pronounced experience in the technology and energy sectors.

“Dr. Forbes’ growing involvement in the region, coupled with Rizvi’s leadership in Pakistani outreach and influence, signals a robust and dynamic future for the SFLCT’s initiatives in South Asia and elsewhere,” remarked Hernandez.

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